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Editorial Submissions:
HuntingNet.Com is always looking for quality articles and editorial submissions from our site visitors. If you are interested in submitting an article or editorial, please read the following Writer Guidelines For HuntingNet.Com.

Writer Guidelines For HuntingNet.Com
What We Are Looking For In Writers
HuntingNet.Com is especially interested in topnotch writers who can make hunting and outdoor related topics entertaining while maintaining accuracy. We like a variety of articles from those that have a human element imposed (i.e. Me and Joe stories) to those that are more factual in nature. Our readers also enjoy "how to" articles. Above all, we strive to provide our visitors with articles and editorials that are fun to read while providing useful information to assist in their pursuit of outdoor activities.

First, Check Out The Articles And Editorials Online At
Study the articles we already have posted on our site. You will find a mixture of topics for both the hunter and non-hunter alike. HuntingNet.Com houses a variety of sites including,, and Look at the sites, see what we have and look for what we may be missing- chose areas where you are most knowledgeable to create topics and angles for stories. From time to time, we will also be looking for writers to assign specific stories. A resume or a brief description of yourself should be included in your submission. This will assist us in selecting writers when necessary.

Submission Of Articles Or Editorials To HuntingNet.Com
Before submitting your article, please use our search feature to make sure we don't already have a similar article on the site. If you have been published, please provide us with a list of publication credentials and samples of reprintable articles if appropriate. If you are an established writer and have tear sheets showing published articles and support photography, you may send a query letter to the attention of the HuntingNet.Com Editor. If you do not have ready access to tear sheets and have been published, you may provide a brief description of credentials and/or links to sites featuring your work. Membership in professional outdoor writer organizations will also be considered. Queries should provide adequate information to demonstrate your ability to furnish quality articles and supporting photography in a timely manner. Original photographs do not need to be included in the initial query of established writers. These photographs must be included in at the time of article submission, however, or HuntingNet.Com will not be bound to any prior agreements to print or pay for the article (kill fees included).

Include a title and subhead (i.e. Duck Hunting Manitoba: The Duck Hunt Of My Dreams).
Give a short description of what your article covers. This only needs to be one or two short paragraphs and can be included with your bio/resume and cover letter.

If there is a seasonal hook to your article that we might overlook here at HuntingNet.Com, point it out to us.

Include sharp, crisp images with your article or editorial. We will take quality slides or prints that support the content of your submission. Four to six photographs should be submitted with each article. Captions must be provided with all photo submissions. Please remember to include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for the return of all items. HuntingNet.Com will not be responsible for materials sent without a SASE.

If your article is more appropriately accompanied by illustrations, make sure they are of high quality and appropriate for a range of ages and our audience here at HuntingNet.Com.

Articles and editorials should be the word length of 750 to 1500 maximum. We require a double-spaced, typed printed version as well as a Microsoft Word PC Word formatted version on disk included.

Mailing Instructions
Send all submissions to:
909 N. Sepulveda Blvd., 11th Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245

For Additional Information Contact  Editor@HuntingNet.Com Thank you for your interest in contributing to our online community of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.
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