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For years, crossbow hunters and archery pro shops have been waiting and waiting for Mathews Archery to introduce a crossbow. After all, almost every other major bow company in the archery industry has already done so. The waiting is over. Mission Archery, the sister bow company to Mathews, just unveiled a crossbow called the MXB 360. “One of the most regularly asked questions from our retailers was when were we going to introduce a crossbow. So, Matt McPherson went to work and designed an awesome crossbow with many features found nowhere else,” Megan Connors, the Marketing Manager for Mission Archery explained.  

Hunters will quickly notice how light the MXB 360 crossbow is. “The crossbow weighs 6.55 pounds and is incredibly balanced,” Connors added. Like any weapon, the better balanced it is, the more accurate the shooter often is. Having a balanced lightweight crossbow comes in handy for a variety of reasons. For starters, lugging a crossbow around in the woods can get old. Crossbows are often heavy, cumbersome and difficult to carry because of their size. The MXB 360, on the other hand is light and compact. It is only 19.5 inches wide, making it easy to maneuver in the treestand or ground blind.

Another notable feature hunters will like is this crossbow has adjustable draw weight. It can be adjusted down to 100 pounds and up as high as 160 pounds. With this kind of adjustability, women, kids and men can all shoot the same crossbow.    

The riser on the MXB 360 doubles as a foothold, thus eliminating the need for a stirrup which results in a more compact rig.

Set at 160 pounds, the MXB 360 produces speeds up to 360 FPS! This crossbow has a 14-inch power stroke which makes it quick and easy for almost anyone to draw. “We designed this crossbow to be easy for almost anyone to use and shoot,” said Connors. “As a result, it isn’t the fastest crossbow on the market but it is one of the quietest and smoothest shooters out there.”

Instead of coming in pieces like many crossbows get shipped, the MXB 360 gets tested and tuned at the factory which means it won’t take long to get ready for the woods. The crossbow comes with a soft shell Mission Archery crossbow case custom designed especially for the MXB-360.

The MXB 360 is decked out in Lost AT Camo.

Anyone who is serious about getting into crossbow hunting should visit a Mission dealer and check out the MXB-360.


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