The Cost Of A New Bow


Today’s market is full of archery equipment of all makes, sizes, shapes, colors, and prices.  The vast array of bow and accessory options available to today’s archer can often times make purchasing decisions difficult.  However every archer, no matter their skill or years of experience, should be able to afford a bow setup that will work for them.

Most of today’s bows can be found in the $300 to $600 dollar range.  While there are some that are more expensive and some less expensive, this price range should cover the vast majority of bows being offered.  As with any material goods, the more expensive models generally offer more features and increased performance than the less costly models.  However don’t get fooled into thinking you need the most expensive bow on the market.  Just like with high performance cars, many people don’t fully utilize the high end features they’re paying the extra money for.  Find the bow that’s right for your hunting style and fits your budget and you’re sure to be a happy hunter come hunting season.


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