Pelosi Says Upholding Constitution Means Tougher Gun Control


California Democrat Nancy Pelosi is not making sense again. The same woman who, a few years ago, notoriously said that Obamacare had to be passed so that the American people could find out what was in it blurted out something equally shocking, but this time about Americans’ right to bear arms.

In comments made in a mid-July press release, the Democrat Minority Leader claimed that it was the duty of members of Congress to both protect and defend the U.S. Constitution by passing tougher gun control laws. Of course, that’s completely untrue as tougher gun control laws would contravene the Constitution because they would impose restrictions on the right of Americans to bear arms in the first place.

To make her anti-gun ideology as clear as possible, the Democrat’s office released her press release on July 19, which was one day shy of the 1-year anniversary of the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting. The shooting was memorable for being a mass shooting that happened inside of a theater playing Christian Bale’s latest movie, The Dark Knight Rises. The suspect in the shooting, 20-something James Eagan Holmes, is currently awaiting trial, which is slated to begin early next year. He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

2012 was a banner year for anti-gun Democrats looking to exploit widely covered shooting massacres in order to segue the discussion into renewed and aggressive calls for tougher gun control. Aside from the aforementioned Aurora movie theater shooting, the Newton, Connecticut, school shooting also happened in the same year, albeit in December instead of July.

Pelosi’s press release was also curious for its inclusion of the phrase “to protect and defend the Constitution.” Said phrase is actually not included in congressional oaths, but, rather, only found in the oath the President of the United States of America takes upon entering office. Based on her exploitation of this phrase to urge members of Congress to aggressively enact tougher gun-control legislation, one would expect that it would actually tie into the responsibility of members of Congress, but it does not.

Pelosi’s comments can be read as nothing more than extremely ideological propaganda meant to take advantage of the anniversary of a notorious mass shooting in the hopes of drumming up some support among members of her own party to push for tougher gun control. The Democrats have backed away from well-organized and prominent efforts to push for tougher gun control ever since the party’s mid-April defeat that was characterized by the demise of the Manchin-Toomey amendment in the U.S. Senate.

Gun control has always been a divisive, hot-button issue in the country. The contentious debate got more intense after last year’s Newton, Connecticut, school shooting because Democrats saw it as a great opportunity to exploit in their campaign for more restrictions on gun owners. Pelosi’s comment should be seen as an indicator that foes of the 2nd Amendment will not let this issue die.


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