Is Obama’s Anti-Gun Agenda Going Through the U.N.?


Throughout 2013, President Obama has largely been absent from the simmering gun-control fight in the country, save for the insignificant blip on the radar that was the defeated Manchin-Toomey amendment in the U.S. Senate back in April. While this has led observers to declare that the president’s numerous scandals—everything from NSA spying on Americans to the IRS targeting of conservative groups –have stymied his anti-gun agenda, this may not be the case at all. The president may be attempting to “back-door” gun control in the U.S. by way of the U.N.

Ironically, also this past April, the U.N. General Assembly adopted the Arms Trade Treaty; Obama’s administration supported it. The Arms Trade Treaty—in spite of its misleading name—is an extremely anti-firearm crusade that is designed for a long-lasting and long-reaching impact. In short, this type of gun-control push is even more aggressive than the most radical pieces of gun-control legislation proposed by America’s own anti-gun leftists. It is a dream come true from the standpoint of America’s gun-control groups.

Speculation is rife that the U.S. will officially sign this gun rights-suppressing Treaty. In such an event, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry—who was also the subject of Jerome Corsi’s 2004 book “Unfit For Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry”—would sign the treaty.

This is where the nightmare begins.  According to the Washington Times, one must look to a 2006 U.N. report from U.S. academic Barbara Frey to fully understand the exact anti-gun ideology of the Arms Trade Treaty that the Obama administration supported. This ideology is based on an anti-American and Eurocentric worldview that has nothing but contempt for the 2nd Amendment, which many Americans treasure. For example, no one has the right to self-defense, and the federal government has the right, however, to limit civilian firearm ownership to the point of dictatorially deciding which citizen is legally allowed to own guns. Such an ideology is truly foreign and alien to many Americans.

Further insight into the sinister ulterior motives of the Arms Trade Treaty can be found in the U.N. International Small Arms Control Standard. It is currently planning gun-control modules to be the basis of future, drafted laws for any country that signs the Treaty.

This Standard contains several directives that make the blood of gun owners run cold with severe firearm restrictions to the point that it becomes a way of punishing gun owners.

For instance, the Standard includes directives:

•    To ensure only the most “low-risk” individuals can own guns
•    To outlaw gun transfers at gun shows
•    To mandate gun registration with the federal government
•    To allow only people who have been licensed or relicensed by the federal government to own guns

Gun control is as contentious and heated as ever in the country. While bigger news stories—such as Obama’s interference in Syria with a planned bombing campaign—have overshadowed gun control, activists on both sides are still fighting hard.


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