Intensifying Concerns Over California’s Tougher Gun Control Laws


California appears to be ground zero for the larger gun-control battle being fought all over the U.S. The legislative developments in that state are a microcosm for what gun owners fear could end up happening federally and all over the country—in due time. Historically, California has always been ferociously anti-gun, and the large proportion of Democrats in the state is the singular cause of this hostility to the 2nd Amendment.

To hear anti-gun liberals in the state put it, the latest round of increasingly tough gun-control bills making its way to Democrat Governor Jerry Brown’s desk is just meant to apparently close a bunch of loopholes in the state’s existing gun laws. They relentlessly assuage fears that these increasingly tougher gun-control bills are meant as a gun-grab against law-abiding gun owners. That’s what they say, anyway. However, Democrats generally don’t have a good track record when it comes to being consistent in what they say versus what they’re trying to do.

If one glances at what California’s Democrat-controlled legislature has already accomplished in terms of tougher gun control, it will provide a clue as to what’s in store for the future.

To wit, consider the state’s Armed and Prohibited or APP program. The aim of this program, at least on the surface, is to identify and then seize firearms from persons who are not allowed by law to possess them. In fact, the legislature was so impressed with the program that it recently passed a law that gave more resources to this program. It sounds good on the surface, but like so many programs administered by the government, the opportunities for abuse and getting innocent people caught up in them are great.

The APP program draws up a list of all the Californians who aren’t supposed to have a firearm in their possession. However, gun-control watchers like Sam Paredes, from the Gun Owners of California, assert that this list is very badly maintained by the state government, meaning that a lot of people shouldn’t even be on that list in the first place. In addition, only 33% of those on the list are even convicted criminals. Gun owners are concerned that government agents could invade the residences of law-abiding citizens who are on the list just because firearms they owned recently were banned.

The Californian nightmare for gun owners doesn’t stop there, though. A radical environmental bill seeks to stop the use of lead ammo by 2019. Consequently, the bill could actually outlaw hunting since non-lead ammo would violate federal laws against armor-piercing bullets. While an amendment to that environmentalist bill apparently corrected the overreach, it is yet another confirmation that California’s Democrats are aggressively taking the state into an anti-gun direction.

The gun-control fight is nowhere near dead, even as President Obama and his Democrats try to get the U.S. involved in a war with Syria. While the national gun-control fight may have stalled, the gun-control fight is still active in many local areas across the U.S.


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