Hunting Strategies


There are 5 main deer-hunting techniques: treestand hunting, still-hunting, drives and ground blind hunting, and spot and stalk hunting. All five can prove effective, depending on the situation and a hunter’s weapon of choice. For example, 90% of all archers use treestands to get their scent and movements above the whitetail’s keen nose and eyes.

Many bow and gun hunters like the challenge of going one-on-one with a wily whitetail buck, so they still-hunt. Drives are considered mainly a gun-hunting technique, but some smart bowhunters use mini-pushes or “nudges” to score racks and venison.

In short, the hunters who harvest good bucks every year understand the benefits of all 5 hunting techniques. They tailor one of the methods to the task at hand during various phases of the season.

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Still Hunting

Ground Blinds

Deer Drives

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