Hunting Pressured Deer


Deer seem to disappear after the first few days of gun season due to the intense pressure. Bucks are suddenly nowhere to be found, and some discouraged hunters head home and wait for next year. But don’t give up. Deer don’t hibernate or crawl into holes. They’re still out there and you can still tag a buck.

Pressure is nothing new to whitetails. They are always under pressure, either hungry or pressed by predators, including hunters. The sudden appearance of swarms of hunters causes deer to react, but they don’t leave the country. They simply go where hunters don’t, and that is usually into the rugged or thick terrain. Deer change their daily patterns and soon become quite comfortable in their cozy if thick environments. Big bucks become mostly nocturnal, venturing out of thickets to feed in the dark.

To score, hunt in and around deer sanctuaries. Ground stands and especially tree stands can work well in dense cover. The experienced still-hunter can be seen dragging a buck out of a swamp. And one of the best techniques for hunting pressured deer is to make drives. It doesn’t matter whether a buck is nocturnal, or whether he holes up in a thicket. Sooner or later he’s apt to be pushed out into an opening by a driver, if only for a split-second-right into the sights of a sharp-eyed stander.


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