CamoBands – New Camouflage Product


We want to make you aware of a new camouflage product called CamoBands™, which will be released in the coming weeks. The idea behind the product is this — CamoBands™ lets you slip leaves, grass and whatever else into flex straps on your body to conceal your shape, color and scent. It provides hunters and sportsmen a way to adapt to any environment.

camo band.jpg

Camobands™ consist of high-tech rubber frames, embedded with double-layered, paired elastic bands, and rugged buckles to secure them to your body. The Core System includes – one cap, one medium and one large frame. It outperforms a camouflage wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.

More information about CamoBands™ is available at our website,, including videos, pictures and other links. Please let me know if you are interested in writing or talking about this new product or have any questions.


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