California to Become Most Aggressive Gun-Control State in U.S.


Gun owners already don’t like California because of its tough gun-control laws. They’re about to take that dislike to the next level thanks to news that the state will become the most aggressive anti-gun state in the country. As it stands now, an onslaught of extremist anti-gun bills are slowly but surely moving their way through the Democrat-controlled legislature of California. The only question that remains is whether or not they can be on Democrat Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for his signature before the legislature adjourns on September 13.

This news also confirms insightful conservatives’ predictions that tougher gun-control laws would eventually lead to gun registries that would threaten gun owners’ privacy. One notorious bill that was heard in the state legislature near the middle of August would establish an entire database of all the ammunition buys in the state. However, such an objectionable bill to grant extreme power to the state government to keep tabs on gun owners is just scratching the surface of California Democrats’ anti-gun mission.

There are many different anti-gun bills working their way through the state legislature, and all of them worsen the already tough gun-control laws of the state. Here are several examples of these unconstitutional bills:

Assembly Bill 48

This anti-gun piece of legislation was scheduled to be heard at the end of August. Its purpose is to outlaw the sale of any magazine parts kits that can carry greater than 10 cartridges and mandates reporting of citizens who buy greater than 3000 rounds of ammunition inside of a 5-day period.

Assembly Bill 231

Assembly Bill 231 was passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee and was in its final reading in the state Senate as recently as the mid-to-late part of August. The gist of this bill is tyrannical because it forces law-abiding gun owners to actually lock up their guns when they are not home. Scarier still is the bill’s devious language, which goes so far as to establish a felony charge for any gun owner who “reasonably” should understand that a child could get access to the gun without its parents’ permission.

Senate Bill 374

This bill was passed in the Assembly Public Safety Committee back on August 13 and is in the process of making its way through the Assembly Appropriations Committee. This law broadens the definition of assault weapons to include every semi-automatic rifle that takes a detachable magazine. It also would outlaw the possession and sale of every semi-automatic rifle and mandate registration to retain lawful possession in the future.

Senate Bill 475

Senate Bill 475, as of late August, is supposed to be in its last reading in the Assembly. If it is passed and then signed into law, it will permit San Francisco officials to actually outlaw gun shows as well as the sale of guns at the Cow Palace at the Fairgrounds.

Gun-control activists like the Democrats in California’s state legislature desperately hope that their statewide efforts will eventually initiate national gun-control legislation that accomplishes the same goals on a federal level.


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