How many types, sizes, and configurations of hunting bags or packs do you own? I have a whole closet full of them from backpacks, fanny packs, gut packs, butt packs, and doozles of duffle bags. Most of them are pretty good for what they do.

Ironically though the small ones are found to be too small, and the big ones can’t be picked up off the floor when fully loaded. I have one Cabela’s duffle with wheels on the end that is pretty good, but when loaded it tends to be top heavy and turns over quite easily when being pulled. It is definitely a bummer in the airport, but it carries a train load of hunting gear and so far the baggage gorillas have not destroyed it….yet.


Now most of those bags are just collecting dust. Maybe I should have a garage sale? So my search continued for quite some time looking for just the right sized bag to tote everything I might need for a single day trip to the woods to hunt, fish, ATV tour ride, or an overhead bag in the airliner. This is the bag to pack in camp then carry out into the field or hunting stand for the day.

Maxpedition’s Malaga Gearslinger

At first glance or inspection some hunters are going to think this bag too small to accomplish much, but consider it a primary active shoulder carry bag. It is not a best “pack everything in one equipment bag” or intended to be one that is more comprehensive to take to an off-site location. Its best role is to take all that is needed for a day hike into elk or deer country or to a backwoods trout stream.


The Malaga is an ambidextrous single shoulder sling pack. There are so many aspects and features to this bag you have to look at their spec sheet on the web site at www.maxpedition.com to glean it all. The main compartment is 13 x 9.5 inches by 4 inches. There are front and back dividers inside, an internal loop field for CCW, an inner organizer pocket, YKK ® zipper and a drainage grommet. There is a front upper pocket and a front lower pocket. The total volume of carry is 660 cubic inches.

The shoulder strap is integral with 2-inch webbing and a Duraflex Warrior side-release buckle which can be concealed in the rear compartment. You can add a 50 ounce hydration reservoir. The empty weight is 2 lbs, 6 oz. It comes in black, OD green, khaki, foliage green and ACU digital camo for $6 extra. The base price is $120.


The construction fabric is 1000 Denier ballistic nylon. It is treated with Dupont Teflon ® for grime resistance and easy maintenance. All zippers and tracks are YKK ®. AS-100 high grade closed-cell foam padding material is used for shock protection. Internal seams are taped and finished. All zipper pulls have paracord pulls.

On a single day trip to deer hunt, my Malaga carries a cell phone, knife, compass, rifle ammo, sidearm, binoculars, camera, water bottle, nabs, deer calls, small scent sprays, bug dope, a bottle of wind powder, hand/foot warmers, gloves, and a first aid/med kit.


I just got back from Alaska with this bag loaded to the max. It is extremely easy to handle and makes an excellent first or second carry-on bag. Durable is not the word for this unit. It is tough and water repellent including saltwater. Over the shoulder and with the auxiliary waist strap it is comfortable to carry and very secure. Check this bag out along with all the other Maxpedition products on their web site.


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