Anti-2nd Amendment Protestors Not Welcome at Kelly Ayotte Event


Gun-control activists are finding out just how committed and passionate 2nd-Amendment supporters across the U.S. really are. While they may have been emboldened by the Newton, Connecticut, school massacre late last year, they’re quickly finding out that gun-rights supporters are not just going to roll over and play dead. Gun-control activists discovered this firsthand at a late-July event that was meant to raise money for the New Hampshire GOP.

Gun-control activists Christian Heyne and Lauren Sonnenmark complained to the Huffington Post that an unidentified male attendee made a comical gesture toward them by mimicking the shape of a gun with his finger and hand as he made his way into the event. Heyne and Sonnenmark were protesting outside the event as part of a larger, anti-2nd Amendment effort that was organized by the National Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, a Washington-based, gun-control special interest group.

The target of the protestors seems to have been Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte. Ayotte has been in the crosshairs of anti-gun rights protestors with increasing intensity since she voted against the expansion of background checks for firearms purchases in April. At the time of Ayotte’s vote in favor of 2nd-Amendment rights, she was also targeted by ads from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which is the special interest group supported by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, a former Democrat.

The host of the GOP fundraiser was well-known lobbyist Rick Murphy, a former staffer of former Republican Senator Judd Gregg. Murphy owns a townhouse directly across the street from the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee). In recent times, it has become a well-known destination for Republican candidates to meet and greet wealthy donors.

The late-July event was one that promised three, high-profile Republican guests: Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, Senator Rob Portman of Ohio and Senator John Thune of North Dakota. All except for Rubio ended up attending the event. The fundraiser appeared to have a secondary function, which was to allow New Hampshire Republican donors to get to know some of 2016’s presidential hopefuls.

The contentious reaction by at least one event attendee reflects the distrust with which gun-rights supporters view gun-control activists like Heyne and Sonnenmark. While gun-control ideologues claim that they only want to prevent illegal guns from getting into the hands of criminals, gun-rights supporters counter that criminals disobey laws anyway, thereby rendering moot the use of more gun restrictions to keep guns away from criminals.

While President Obama has been beset by his many scandals over the past few months to do anything about gun control—scandals he has recently termed “phony” distractions that interfere with getting things done in Washington, D.C.—gun-control activists are not sitting by quietly.

Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns is in the middle of its summer-long, 100-day bus tour to aggressively campaign against gun rights. Although the president is off to a rocky second term due to his scandals, his gun-control allies are continuing the left’s mission to try to get tougher gun laws passed.


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