Amazing Trail Camera Photos!


During a recent early season bowhunt in Kentucky, member Kelly Ison captured this amazing sequence of trail camera photos, showing the actual impact of his arrow.

In Kelly’s own words, “You see it correctly, that’s my Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 350 hitting the deer, the deer banging his rack against the feeder and about to run right at the point of impaact  The arrow hit his opposite leg, then broke off.  In all the many game cam pics I’ve seen, I can’t recall actually seeing anyone catching this shot.”

Congratulations to Kelly on his great early season buck, and on capturing this once in a lifetime photograph!  With a gross score of 134 7/8″, this Kentucky buck put Kelly’s team for our 2007 Bowhunting contest on the board early.



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You can read more about Kelly's buck on the Forum, located HERE.


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